Art reference links:

I just got a couple of asks about art ref tumblrs that I like so here are some links!

The best way to get better at art is to PRACTICE. I have been a lazy butt the past year or so and now realized I need to get back into the swing, so I pick a piece of anatomy a day to so a small study of and do some gesture doodles of poses.

You don’t just instantly get better, you have to work for it.

General art tutorials and refs:

I also suggest you try new mediums as well, get out of your comfort zone. Instead of pencil, pen, or graphics tablet; pick up some conte’ crayons, charcoal, inks, paint, scratch board, or whatever! It will challenge your mind to adapt to the new tool. Do studies of single pieces of anatomy, it is easier to learn one part before hand than struggle to fix something on a mostly finished drawing.

Another good exercise is to work on black paper in white instead of pencil on white paper. It will give you a new hold on depth and negative space! Try a new style, use master artists as reference practice or warmup. Draw from life, go to a gallery and draw from a sculpture, it is much different than using a paper reference and will help you grasp object mass and perspective.

Sticking to one style or emulating one style will make it harder for you to be more flexible in your works. Having your own style is wonderful but remember, the basics are fundamental. Learn as much as you can and practice as much as you can!

So go out there, learn some anatomy, do some studies, challenge yourself with new perspectives and mediums, doodle your hand off and start making ART.

Challenge your skill and your mind,
good luck and happy arting.